Henrich Guntermann

Co-founded and successfully led a private equity and consulting firm in the life science sector; advisor to the Lord Mayor of the City of Leipzig concerning biotech strategy and the implementation of the “BioCity Leipzig” project, a very successful life science incubator hub in the State of Saxony, Germany

Advisor and business confidant regarding development of biotech industry for national and local governments in Europe, South America and India mandated by the United Nations Industry Development Organization (UNIDO)

Restructured an entire publicly listed pharmaceutical organization in Nord America and avoided an impending bankruptcy; raised over $100 million funding in equity and non-dilutive financial instruments in North America and Europe

Developed and introduced drug to the US market under very difficult circumstances and signed lucrative US licensing deal; acquired companies with complementary technologies/products Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Fraunhofer-Institute in Leipzig Settlement of a subsidiary of a North American pharma company in Leipzig for joint R&D efforts with the Fraunhofer-Institute and the University of Leipzig; raised approx. EUR 8 million in research grants from the State Bank of Saxony


Hermann Josef Walschebauer

Part of the team that successfully built up the German branch of the US communication agency D.J.Edelmann

Advisor for the Danish Carlsberg brewery responsible for the public relations strategy with regard to major transactions with an aggregate transaction value of more than EUR 1 billion (takeover of Swiss Feldschlösschen brewery and takeover of Holsten brewery in Hamburg, Germany)

Public relations advisor for Hexal Pharma, Germany, for more than 10 years; Hexal was the biggest manufacturer of generic drug products in Germany and got sold to Novartis Pharma for EUR 5.6 billion

Organized and orchestrated a very successful campaign of approximately 100 medium-sized enterprises against SAP, the biggest European software company, in order to change SAP’s customer policies and product pricing


Founding member of the Dusseldorf Business Club

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